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Meet "Lady"

The BOHO Truck

With rental prices beginning at only $695, the ability to add this feature to your event is not only easy, but affordable!  Packages are customized based on guest count, desired use & location. Inquire today for availability & a specialized quote. 


Set your event apart. Every party has the essential elements of food, beverage &, of course, your lucky guests... but what will make your event memorable? By creating an interactive experience with a stylish presentation, your guests will forever remember those out of the box characteristics such as The BOHO Truck!


Mobility. Easily transportable, we can bring The BOHO Truck to any type of location! Whether your are hosting your event at a hotel, a private venue, or your backyard, we can transform your event into a whimsical affair.


Creativity. The possibilities are truly endless with The BOHO Truck. Schedule your consultation today and we will do the work for you! Simply tell our Designers the vision of your event and we will customize the perfect package for your day. 

boho truck - sunday funday.jpg

The BOHO Bar

It's true. The bar is the most popular gathering area during events which makes it one of the most important aspects! Our mobile bar comes with a professional bartender to create your personalized concoctions! 


Enchanted Desserts 

Dress up your dessert table by ditching the table altogether! Serve your delicious sweets out of the BOHO Truck! This also makes for a cute photo of our happy couples!



Your relationship is one in a  million, so your wedding should reflect that truth! Add elements of your wedding that fit your personality. The flair of The BOHO Truck will set your wedding apart from every other event your guests have attended.


Food Stations

Guests always remember the food. Not only must it be delicious, but the presentation is equally important. Create a specialized station that will impress your guests!


Late Night Snack

After the perfect night of celebrating, make sure your guests leave with a full belly! The BOHO Truck will park near the exit of your venue to give them a delicious treat


Corporate Events 


The BOHO Truck can service any style of affair. Whether you are hosting a formal dinner, a company picnic, a baby shower or a birthday party, set your event apart with our unique experience! 

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